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Greetings! I'm Vlad Tulitu, fondly known as Ctrl+S in the tech world. Why Ctrl+S, you ask? Simply put, I'm the lifesaver your Android and iOS projects need. With over three years of experience as an Android and iOS developer, I'm your go-to guy when it comes to giving your projects the wings they need to soar high in the world of apps.


I can help you with

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Android Development

Crafting modern Android applications tailored to your specific needs.

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iOS Development

Designing and building intuitive iOS applications for your personal or business needs.

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Landing Pages

Creating simple, clean, and effective landing pages for products or personal websites, tailored to highlight key features and attract target audiences.

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UX/UI Design

Innovative UX/UI designs enhancing user interactions and experiences with your app.

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App Analysis

Insightful app analytics, revealing crucial information about user behaviour and revenue streams.

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Play Store Marketing

Promoting your app with effective marketing strategies, boosting its visibility on Play Store and App Stores.


Work Experience

The core functionality of Kopilot centers around intelligent route planning based on the specifications of the trucks and daily updated fuel prices, allowing transporters to consistently run profitable routes.As the sole Android developer, led the complete overhaul of the "Kopilot" application, handling all aspects from design, coding, testing, debugging, to deployment. Undertook this project single-handedly and successfully transformed it using native Kotlin, significantly enhancing user experience and efficiency.


Sole Android Developer

May 2022 - Present

DKV & Smart Diesel

Over three years as an Indie Developer, I've transformed my passion for innovation into a thriving presence on the Google Play Store. My apps, inspired by user interests and needs, have achieved over 700,000 downloads and thousands of positive reviews, testifying to the quality of my work.


Self-Published Indie Developer

October 2019 - Present

TheViciousGames & aBetterAndroid & Controversialz


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